Current high school students

We are looking for motivated, well-rounded individuals to become the future warrior-leaders of the United States Army.

We target & reward the “Scholar - Athlete – Leader” (SAL).

Please email or call us if this does not answer all of your questions. You can reach us at (305) 348-1619,

Scholarship Overview

1. Scholarship allocations vary by year and type of scholarship.
2. The scholarship process typically includes three rounds of evaluation. To make yourself the most competitive, complete your application for both the University and the Army ROTC scholarship as soon as possible.
3. We award scholarships based on an internally created order of merit list (OML). The OML gives us a tool to evaluate scholarship candidates by ranking individuals based on the following: SAL criteria or Whole Person Score (WPS), interview, and Scholarship Board.
What you receive if selected!
100% of your Tuition and Fees
Room and Board
AND Funds for books – $1,200 annually Stipend of $420 monthly to supplement incidentals


If you have questions regarding the Army ROTC application process and are interested in joining our program, please contact our Recruiting Operations Officer: Mr. John McCammon by email at or through our office at 305-348-1619.