Scholarships and Benefits

Scholarship Programs

Full tuition and fees scholarship, or up to $10,000 in room & board scholarship, for each school year

$1200 for books annually

Approximately $6500* per semester provided by the University of Miami

  • Undergraduate students contracted in the Army ROTC program are eligible to receive financial support equal to 25% of tuition and fees per semester for up to four years. Funds can be used toward room and board.

 *The assured scholarship amount is lower if the total of all scholarships, grants and /or stipends received by the student exceed the student's cost of attendance for each semester of eligibility.  Army ROTC scholarship recipients should discuss the implications of receiving additional scholarships and awards, particularly tuition restricted scholarships and awards, with the University of Miami Office of Financial Assistance


Types of Army ROTC Scholarships offered:

■A conditional scholarship offered through the National Scholarship Process in High School ( requirements must be met upon entering the Army ROTC program to contract and receive benefits.

■“Campus-Based” Scholarships, awarded when an enrolled cadet meets certain requirements and demonstrates the necessary character of an Officer to contract within the Army.

■Conditional Scholarships, such as National Guard SMP, which differ in requirements than a standard scholarship.


Stipend and book allowance begin to be paid to a cadet as soon as they contract, while scholarships or housing support may differ in years of full tuition and fees. Visit the Join page to learn more about this process.

Students must maintain continuous enrollment in the Army ROTC program and full-time enrollment in one of the University's undergraduate degree programs. No application required. Awards are made automatically based on information provided by the University's Army ROTC detachment.


Monthly Living Expenses

Contracted Cadets receive a non-taxable $420.00 monthly stipend.