The Southern Strike Battalion is consistently recognized by the Sixth ROTC Region as a "top achiever" in training excellence. Cadets' average Advanced Camp scores far exceed the national camp averages. The Battalion is one of the most diverse in the nation, consisting of cadets from a multitude of racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds, who come together to effectively train as a single unit. A sizable portion of cadets in the Battalion are also prior service, or are in the Army Reserves or National Guard.

Cadets who commission from the University of Miami, within the Southern Strike Battalion, have a strong reputation for becoming some of the nation’s leading Officers. UM ROTC cadets have gone forth to set the standard in selective Officer occupations such as Aviation, Cyber Operations, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.), JAG Corps, Medical Corps, and Medical Services. In addition, contracted UM ROTC cadets are frequently selected for Army ROTC’s competitive Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP), a one-month diplomatic mission to a strategic foreign military partner. Contracted UM Cadets have also been able to study abroad on University of Miami study abroad programs, utilizing their scholarships for the program and still receiving benefits, such as the book allowance and stipend. UM typically commissions three to five cadets a year.

In addition, although Florida International University hosts most of the program’s activities, the University of Miami is very supportive to the Army ROTC program, offering a generous Housing Grant for currently enrolled cadets. UM is one of the few universities in the nation to offer such a Grant, which is calculated as a quarter of the current semester’s tuition. Typically, this Grant equates to $6,000 a semester. The University also allows cadets to enroll for classes ahead of regular students,  ensuring cadets can meet both academic and ROTC class requirements, as well as being able to choose the best professors.