Current college students

Our program is offered in two courses:

Basic Course is offered to all students on campus. They are our freshman and sophomore leadership electives with no obligation other than attendance in class, lab, and physical training.

Freshman Fall-MSL1001
Freshman Spring-MSL 1002
Sophomore Fall-MSL 2101
Sophomore Spring-MSL 2102

Summer Basic Camp-for those students who did not complete all the freshman and sophomore classes.  This camp is located in Ft Knox, KY, and lasts approximately 31 days.


Advance Course is offered to all students who meet the Basic Course requirement.  The course is for our junior and senior-level Cadets and those Active duty Soldiers participating in the Green-to-Gold Program.

Junior Fall-MSL 3201
Junior Spring-MSL 3202
Junior Summer-Advance Camp final leadership assessment at Ft. Knox, KY
Senior Fall-MSL 4301
Senior Spring-MSL 4302
Spring-MSL 4400 US Military History
A Minor in Military Science will be awarded if all Military Science Classes have been taken and passed.